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Fred Vereb
Customer Review
300,000+ miles on my 2008 Ford Expedition thanks to Jeff and his crew at Franklin Car Care. Honest service, he only fixes what is needed.
Amanda Harrison
Customer Review
Always a good price and honest diagnostic! Wouldn’t take my vehicles anywhere else.
Noel Bello
Customer Review
These guys are awesome, knew exactly what the issue was and fixed in a snap. They were informative and quoted the cost immediately. HIGHLY RECOMMENED!

Jeff and the folks at Franklin Car Care are professional, honest, and genuine in the work they do. It's so hard to find a great car mechanic that you can trust and have honest relationships with. Jeff is that person. There are no surprises, and the price you pay is what he tells you. If there are options to save you money or prolong a repair, he will explain it. I drive nearly 20 miles across Tampa, through traffic to bring our families vehicles to him for repair. Highly recommend Jeff and his staff, they are second to none. - Dan L. (5 star review on Google)

Jeff the owner is awesome, honest, and does quality work. - Kyle J. (5 star review on Google)

I decided to take my wife’s Ford Explorer in for some really bad oil leaks and transmission fluid leaks. I spoke with Jeff about these issues and he told me to bring it in. He showed me exactly what was going on underneath the Ford. Very honest! I love the fact that he allowed me to see what was happening. He gave me a very fair price on all the work that I needed done. Katelyn was very sweet giving me a ride to work and home. Plus Vince and Katelyn brought my vehicle back to me. The Franklin Family, treated me as if I was part of their family! Jeff really helped me out when I explained some of the things I was going through and was very kind and understanding. FYI - this was my first time experience with Franklin Car Care. This is a true story about a great American family that takes pride in their work and their customers. I highly recommend them! - 5 star review on Google

Jeff has worked on my F350 several times and is very knowledgeable, honest, and does not overcharge me when I go in there. What more could you ask for? When Jeff fixes it that is the end of the problem. Excellent troubleshooting skills! - Doug T. (5 star review on Google)

Awesome services at very reasonable prices. Great folks! I've found a trustworthy auto shop and that’s hard to find nowadays!  - Tony B. (5 star review on Google)

Had my car aligned, and they were fast, efficient, and had reasonable charges. I'm feeling better knowing my new tires won't be wearing wrong on my upcoming trip. - John T. (5 star review on Google)

5 star rating from Katie for Franklin Car Care on Google

5 star rating from Terra Mar Trucks for Franklin Car Care on Google

5 star rating from Rachel A. for Franklin Car Care on Google

Good service and staff. - Juan M. (5 star review on Google)

I just love this place. - Jeffery F. (5 star review on Google)

Highly recommend to anybody. Would give a hundred stars if I could. Will not "sell" you on stuff your car doesn't need. As a bonus Everybody that works there is very nice. Thank you for the great service!! - Melissa Z. (5 star review on Yelp)

I got some new tires installed at a place that doesn't offer a wheel alignment post tire installation. I came here after getting my tires installed and arrived around 4:15 PM. The shop closes at 5:30 PM and I thought that I may be cutting it a little close to have a wheel alignment done before they closed. I told Katelyn at the front desk what I needed, and she checked with the mechanics to see if they could fit me in. They said it would be no problem and had the alignment done within about 45 minutes. I also asked them to check my brakes to see if they needed to be replaced (the local Mazda dealership said they were all in the yellow), but Jeff (mechanic) said that I had at least another 10,000 miles on them. He could have told me that yeah, they were in the yellow, and given me a quote, but he was really honest and upfront with me about the situation. After having such a positive experience, I'll be taking my car to Franklin Car Care in the future for anything I need. Their prices are really reasonable, they're fast, friendly, and their dog is adorable. - James G. (5 star review on Yelp)

Betty J LeBranch
Customer Review
Jeff has worked on all my cars..i have never been disappointed. Honest, reliable and goes the extra mile. I would highly recommend..

I have been a long time customer and friend of Jeff Franklin, the owner. His honesty and tedious ways makes him the best. - Kevin M. (5 star review from Facebook)

Excellent service and very friendly, owner is honest and the pricing is fair with no surprises. They will have all my business, highly recommend to everyone! -John C. (5 star review from Google)

Reliable, genuine, truthful, all-around fantastic! They have always gone above and beyond for my dad and I. It is so hard to find a mechanic these days that you can truly trust and someone who sincerely cares! I love franklin car care. - Rose S. (5 star review from Facebook)

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